to Chagrin Falls, Ohio
where the unknown don't even go



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Chagrin Falls is one that Paul brought in, a classic 'Paul-y' kind of vibe. We've never performed this one live, although there have been moments where we would jam the main riff and kind of goof around with it. Once we do start performing CF live it should be a show standout. The arrangement is really, really tight, a really logical kind of thing, and it's another of our heavy jams in E. It should be pretty funky.

Steve played clavinet and Mark did some funky low-end synthesizer vibes that really add to the overall effect.

Chagrin Falls is a wealthy community near Cleveland. The song deals with a wandering spirit and the setting is really effective to emphasis how low you can sink, as low as the Antarctic or Chagrin. Gord Sinclair

Etymology: French, from chagrin sad
Date: circa 1681: disquietude or distress of mind caused by humiliation, disappointment, or failure

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