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Released: October 17, 2006

Track Listing

  1. Yer Not the Ocean
  2. The Lonely End of the Rink
  3. In View
  4. Fly
  5. Luv (sic)
  6. The Kids Don't Get It
  7. Pretend
  8. Last Night I Dreamed You Didn't Love Me
  9. The Drop-Off
  10. Family Band
  11. World Container

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World Container

A surprising call from Bruce Allen started it all. On his advice, I scheduled a meeting with Gord. I believe it was the summer of 2005. It was agreed that Gord would make the very long trip from Toronto to the little town of Paia, on the north shore of Maui, where I live. We met for lunch at The Fish Market for one of their famous fish burgers and had a great conversation about life, kids, surfing and The Hip. He gave me the first book (always a good sign) and a cd of some ideas the hip had been throwing around. He had asked me about "Jaws", the famous tow-in surfbreak, so we took a drive to Huelo to stare out at the famous wave that really gets big, maybe 6 times a year (the north swells don't come til the winter).




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